Drawing August

Dave, Auryn ink on iPad, using my home made brush stylus

Dave, Auryn ink on iPad, using my home made brush stylus

A good while ago a couple of Twitter friends came up with the idea of committing to drawing an image a day and posting it to Twitter with the hashtag #DrawingAugust. I committed back then and now, weeks later it has grown and grown to well over a hundred international participants, all submitting varied and exciting drawings round the clock!

Despite my recent block I’m participating and intend to keep it up – drawing was always my first love and I’m hoping I will re-connect with the daily habit I’ve lost over the years. Why don’t you come and join us? People are joining all the time and there’s a real event feeling to this – it’s open to everyone, no matter whether you are a beginner, experienced or somewhere in-between. Just search using the #tag #DrawingAugust to have a look at what’s been drawn so far and contact @JeanStevens4 if you’d like to join us.

Have a lovely weekend,


2 responses to “Drawing August

  1. A lovely post and a lovely blog. I will miss Drawing August when it comes to an end.

    • Thank you Paul. I will miss it too, I’ve enjoyed playing around and exploring ew different media again – I’m glad to simply be back drawing again, too.

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